You start your career in aquatics as a good swim teacher or coach with basic knowledge and through specialized courses, Regional Swim Clinics Training Academy will give you the tools you need to become a great swim teacher or coach.


Katrina van Eyk

Katrina van Eyk is a dynamic and passionate swimming teacher, coach, trainer of the next crop of aquatic professionals, an award winning podcaster and mum. She is passionate about inspiring swimmers and aquatic professionals to achieve their best. Through her travels working with swim schools, clubs, and aquatic organisation's she has seen and heard the limitations that come with the industry. She now works towards developing solutions and opportunities in the aquatic environment through training and mentoring.

Katrina van Eyk

Business Founder


All courses are designed to be easy on your wallet. Starting at $10 to help you easily step into your new learning experience and our next level courses which expand your learning in specialized areas are $25.